a powerful new approach to investment decisions

Klein Decisions’ web-based software resolves the conflicts inherent in all investment decisions and presents a single ranked solution set, saving time and reducing risk for financial professionals.

The K4 Process applies a patented approach that identifies user preferences, goals, and priorities to arrive at the final solution without iteration or guesswork.

The K4 Decision Tools for pre-retirement planning, post-retirement income, client profiling and mutual fund evaluation streamline and document each decision process, producing a complete strategy.


K4 Plan Goals       
Retirement Plan Guidance
A complete retirement strategy for all participants -- with or without participant input, online or on paper. Finally, guidance that will actually motivate participants to action!


K4 Plan Goals Participant Online Experience
See why participants actually use K4 Plan Goals  

K4 Plan Goals       
Retirement Plan Guidance
From when to take Social Security to how to invest liquid assets, a uniquely tailored strategy with a high probability of success for clients entering their retirement years!


K4 Plan Goals Participant Online Experience
Retire confidently with K4 Retirement Inocme  
K4 Portfolio Selection

Client Suitability and Profiling
Effectively set realistic client expectations while meeting compliance needs.  Not just the average solution, the client's unique preference-based solution.


K4 Portfolio Selection:  The Client-Driven Solution to Suitability and Profiling
Experience the K4 Portfolio Selection difference
K4 Fund Selection

Mutual Fund Evaluation
Discover the superiority of modeling over screening for faster, smarter mutual fund evaluation. Improve your analysis and save time in the process.


K4 Fund Selection:  The Facts on Factor Models
Here are the reasons to move up to K4 Fund Selection.